Why Celebrants are Perfect for Multicultural Weddings

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…and what to remember when planning yours

Weddings are very special to all, regardless of culture, country or background. But this can pose an issue when planning multicultural weddings. Some decide to leave their culture at the door, opting for a neutral ceremony. But others choose to embrace each other’s differences, opting for a ceremony which celebrates both cultures.

In this article, I’m discussing wedding celebrants and what they can do for you. I will also look at ways you can incorporate your ethnic/ cultural differences into the perfect wedding day.

What is a Celebrant?

You have had your legal marriage with the registrar and are now husband and wife. You had the same as everyone else as by law, that is what you have to do for the legal marriage.

However, for the Wedding Ceremony you can have a Celebrant who will work with you to create a personalised bespoke ceremony. They do not favour certain wedding traditions over others. Their aim is to provide whichever practices or traditions are important to you. Even if it means merging more than one religion, so they can deliver unique ceremonies to tell your story of love. As part of the ceremony, they will also include explanations so both families understand any chosen ritual that they may not know. It will be a day which represents both cultures, so you can celebrate your love without worry.

Planning a multicultural wedding

Merging Traditions in Multicultural Weddings

One of the most iconic parts of a Celebrant multicultural wedding can be the garments you wear. Some people choose to merge styles and others choose to have a dress change. Either way, it’s nice to show respect for both cultures at a multicultural wedding celebration.

Music and dance can be a great way to help your guests unite. Teach them one another’s traditional dances and let them have fun with the music. Food and drink is another great way to have your guests enjoy each other’s culture. As well as being a great conversation starter.

Remember your guests

When choosing to merge the customs of different cultures, it’s very important to bear your guests in mind. Some may not be as open-minded as you are and will need a little help letting their hair down. Having a programme can help highlight which traditions to expect from each culture. Adding a little information on what the traditions are about and why they’re taking place will also help. This means nobody is sitting, wondering what is happening. Allowing your guests to understand and enjoy one another’s traditions.

multicultutal weddings - planning for guests

How will you plan your multicultural wedding celebration?

In the modern world of marriage, multicultural weddings are becoming the norm. Celebrants provide a service which works well for these types of ceremonies. When planning your wedding, it’s important to bear both sets of guests in mind. Keep them informed about what is happening. But most of all, make sure you and your guests have fun.

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Planning a multicultural wedding

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