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Fusing Cultures, Traditions, and Values in a Multicultural Renewal of Vows Ceremony

As a Multicultural couple you can have so much fun when creating your renewal of vows ceremony. There are so many opportunities for you both to include rituals from your faiths, including elements that reflect your personalities and we can include your story from the years you have been together.

A renewal of vows ceremony can be an opportunity to confirm your union with fewer restrictions than your wedding with less pressure from families to do things in a certain way.

But it can also be difficult as it is not common to have a renewal of vows ceremony in Asian culture. Family may suggest that it is unnecessary, takes up time and eats into finances.

What they don’t see is the joy it brings through the celebration. The reminder of the journey of ups and downs but still together. If the couple have children or pets, its a moment to be thankful for them and be happy about how their family has grown from two people to more.

Creating your unique renewal of vows ceremony

Your renewal of vows ceremony is about you both and should be your choice.

There is only one type of love and that is yours. No one else compares to the love that you two have and what better way of expressing your love for each other than by reconfirming it in front of your friends and family, the special people in your life that supported you through the years.

You may be celebrating a special anniversary or perhaps you’ve been through some significant changes in your life. Well these are the perfect reasons to renew those vows you took with each other during your marriage.

With me as your Independent Celebrant we can create your renewal of vows ceremony that is personalised and reflects your journey as a married couple. You can choose what you want to include.

So what can we include:

We can tell your story from marriage, including any rituals you want, your family, friends or children can do a reading, you can include the ring ceremony for a new ring, and promises with personal vows for the future.

Asian Celebrant – Sonal Dave

In life we tend not to celebrate as often as we should and focus on the not so good things that have happened. My experience and knowledge will help you to celebrate in style and have a ceremony that others wish they had decided to have before you.

I am Indian, Born in Uganda and married to Dhani who is mixed Irish and Indo-Caribbean, making us a multicultural, multi-faith, multi-heritage, multilingual couple. This has given me the experience to live both the challenges and opportunities that this brings. In particular, the challenges with the expectations of religion, communities and family but the opportunities to live life the way we want making our own choices that feel right for us.

Once upon a time is how every fairy tale and love story begins but its important to stop and remember the journey you have both been on and celebrate throughout life.

As your Independent Celebrant, I come to you with a love and passion to create and deliver your renewal of vows ceremony that is about your journey together from marriage. The joys, the challenges, the new life, the lost life all that continue to make you the couple you are today.

As an experienced celebrant, with years of writing and officiating ceremonies, I will work closely with you to create your unique and personalised renewal of vows ceremony. I run through all the ways we can personalise it to give it an extremely meaningful feel whilst respecting any want for tradition in your culture, ethnicity or identity.

I speak English, Gujarati and basic Hindi, and I can sing mantras, hymns and songs.

What Rituals can be Included in our Vow Renewal Ceremony?

We can include the western traditions of readings, the ring ceremony, promises and the kiss.

The Asian rituals of:

Garlands, (the couple garland each other),

Milni, (the elders in the family meet and garland or feed each other indian sweets),

Saptapadi (the couple make 7 promises to each other or personal vows),

Koda Kodi, (the ring game),

Musicians playing along to the ceremonies either playing traditional music or music of your choice from all genres. 

Including Music in Your Vow Renewal Ceremony

There are many options for what music you can include in your ceremony. Musicians playing along to the ceremonies either playing the traditional music or music of your choice.

The musicians I work with are part of the band D26 music that has been created and is run by my husband Dhani.

Here are some ideas for your ceremony music

Jaan / Baraat – Dhol player for your entrance on its own or with accompanying musicians playing a song of your choice.

Guitar & Tabla – A fusion of both Western and Indian instruments to compliment your ceremony. They can play traditional music for each part of the ceremony or music of your choice from Western, Bollywood, Bhangra, Swahili, and any genre of your choice.

Guitar, Tabla, and Piano (keyboard) – The three musicians create both a melodic and rhythmic atmosphere for your ceremony. They can play individually for parts of the ceremony or together.

The D26 band are also available for pre-ceremony events and your reception.

What to Expect

Together, we can work through your ideas that you have put on the questionnaire and start to create your ceremony that can include moments from when you were married and then what happened after.

If you feel there are family members who do not understand what is happening, then let’s get them on a call and help them to understand. I will also provide you with a list of items that you need to source for the renewal of vows ceremony based on what is going to be included in the ceremony but if you do not have time we can agree how to get this done.

You are never alone. I am on this journey with you to create your special Celebrant led Renewal of Vows Ceremony.

Ready to Create Your Multicultural Renewal of Vows Ceremony?

Step 1

Book a free consultation so we can discuss your perfect ceremony.

Step 2

We create the perfect ceremony script and plan for your ceremony.

Step 3

Relax and enjoy sharing your story with those closest to you.

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 Multicultural Wedding Vow Renewal Ceremony FAQ

What is a celebrant?

An Independent Celebrant will conduct the renewal of vows ceremony. This is where together we can create a personalised ceremony that reflects your personality. You can include whoever you want, have live music, including your pets and so much more. It’s your day – your way, your choice.

What’s the difference between an Independent Celebrant ceremony and a Humanist ceremony?

Independent Celebrants give you a choice regarding what you can include in your ceremony. They can include religious and cultural content, spirituality, live music, family, friends, children, your pets and more. The main difference is that Humanism is a belief in itself and a way of life that people adhere to. Humanists don’t believe in religion and as such only offer secular ceremonies, (does not include religious or spiritual content), so they don’t include any religious aspects in their ceremonies.

Will you write the ceremony for us?

Yes – I will write the ceremony script for you. Once you book me, I will send you a questionnaire to both fill in and based on your answers I will start to draft your ceremony. You will get sent a draft and we can then add, and amend until we are all happy. It usually takes two or three drafts to get to the final.

Can we write our personal vows?

You can write your own personal vows. I can give you some support, advice and guidance, if you need them but it is great when you write them from the heart and then get to read them out yourselves.

Is there anything that has to be included in a service?

In a Celebrant ceremony, there is nothing that has to be included. It is your ceremony and your choice, so you can guide me as to what you would like to include and I can also make suggestions.

Do you cater for LGBTQ+ couples?

Yes, I do cater for LGBTQ+ couples. I will work with you both to ensure that I create a ceremony that is personalised to you, asking any questions I feel I need to, ensuring that your ceremony reflects the two of you and that the language I use is inclusive.

Do you cater for multi-faith couples?

Many of my weddings and renewal of vows ceremonies are multi-faith, multicultural, inter-faith or fusion. I am British Asian, (born in Uganda, roots to India), and have good knowledge of Asian rituals, music and culture. I have been educated in the UK so have a good understanding of other cultures as well. My husband Dhani is both Irish and Indian from the Caribbean, so I have a good understanding of the challenges that being a multicultural couple has.

Do you cater for couples who are not religious?

Yes, if one of you or both of you are not religious, then we can create a ceremony that is more spiritual and earthly. If you have ideas of what you would like to include then we can include them and if you are not sure I can give you some suggestions.

Do you cater for couples who are from the same religion?

Yes, if you both have the same religious faith, then we can create a ceremony incorporating elements from that religion. You can share with me what you would like to include and if you are not sure then I can make some suggestions

Does it matter what faith, culture or traditions we follow?

No, it does not matter what faith, culture or traditions you follow. The ceremony we will create will be focussed on the two of you, your personalities and share your story.

Do you need to meet us personally before the day of the ceremony?

I don’t need to meet you before the day, but if you would find it useful and we are local enough to each to make the arrangements, then we can meet.

How long is a Renewal of Vows Ceremony?

I usually suggest that 30-45 is a good length for a renewal of vows ceremony.

Where can we hold our ceremony?

Your renewal of vows ceremony can be held wherever you like. It can be indoor or outdoor. At a venue, in your back garden, where you had your first date, where you proposed. The choice is yours.

What Rituals Can We Include?

You can include any rituals you want as long as it is allowed at the place where the ceremony is taking place, is not a risk to you and your guests and will not cause any harm.

Can we read your script before the ceremony?

Yes of course you can. I will create the first draft from your answers to the questionnaire and share that with you to review and comment on. Once I receive your feedback the draft will be updated to incorporate your thoughts and I will share that with you again. You will know what will be included in the ceremony. The only part you may not see is if you have both chosen to write your personal vows as a surprise.

Can we have our Celebrant Ceremony Abroad as a Destination Renewal of Vows?

Yes you can. The creation of the ceremony is the same as if we were in the UK. The differences would be that we would need to coordinate with your planner / venue manager and tech team to ensure that we have everything we need for the ceremony and there would be additional costs including flights, hotels, taxi’s and allowances.

We are based out of the UK, Can we come to the Uk for our Celebrant Ceremony?

Yes you can. We can create the ceremony together online and meet if you are doing your venue visit. On the day of your ceremony, I will be at the venue early, to make sure everything is set up as we need. This will also be an opportunity for us to meet ahead of the ceremony for any final checks and to calm your nerves.

How far in advance should we book you?

As early as possible to ensure that your chosen date and time is available as well as giving us enough time to get to know each other, research ideas, draft and prepare the ceremony. I am currently receiving enquiries 12-18 months before the planned date.

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