A Real Hindu Wedding with a Toastmaster – Bhavi and Bhavin

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Read Bhavi and Bhavin’s Real Hindu Wedding with a Toastmaster – Their Story

Hindu Wedding – Meeting a Toastmaster

Bhavi made contact to discuss how I could help her for her wedding ceremony at the beautiful grounds of Three Rivers and we instantly chatted like we had been friends forever. She had so many ideas and visions that she wanted to become reality and needed someone to take over and make her day happen the way she wanted. Let’s not forget I also needed to ensure that Bhavin, her special someone, the families and guests had a wonderful day as well.

Bhavi and Bhavin were just such an awesome couple. Chilled out and excited to finally get married. A special idea that Bhavi had was to have a voice-over to her entrance music to tell a story – their story, before she made her beautiful entrance and I was very happy to help with this. She sent me what she had written and I tweaked it and rehearsed it so that I would finish at exactly 50 seconds when the base drops. Now I always get asked to say something but this would be different. I felt like I was in my Toastmaster uniform, delivering a ceremony entrance in my role as a Celebrant and I was going to get this perfectly right.

It went something like this:

The Love Story

Ladies and gentlemen, I want to take a moment to share with you the story of Bhavin and Bhavi. Two individuals so perfectly balanced that even their names rhythmically bounce off each other.

The pair had spent their time swiping away on dating apps trying to fulfil their mothers pleas of getting married.

Bhavin eagerly kept his eyes on Bhavis’ pictures, awaiting the day she would swipe him right. Unfortunately, it would be a whole year for Bhavin until his dream girl would finally show him some online acceptance.

Straight after their first date, so sure she had found her Prince Charming, Bhavi said to her little sister Ami,

“I’m going to marry that guy!”

Now to everyone here today, I’m pleased to tell you that this story truly does have a happy ending and Bhavin and Bhavi are about to get their happily ever after.

Here comes his bride!

Everyone applauded as Bhavi made her entrance at 51 seconds just as she wanted.

The Ceremony

It truly was a beautiful ceremony and you could see the love they had for each other. The Hindu priest conducted the ceremony in a way that everyone understood what was happening and I was able to ensure that everyone remained silent, focussed on the couple, kept their phones away and smiled.

The Photo List

Hindu Weddings and photo lists are such great fun. The uncle that goes to the bathroom, the aunty that goes to eat, the ones that need a cigarette break and everyone else waiting for their turn. But the Sonal magic took place where everyone remained where they needed to be, they came to the mandap in time and I even moved around some of the photo list to accommodate the elderly family members. I always remember the fun and laughter as I call people’s names, they come to the side, we have a bit of a banter and then off they go for the photo with the couple. Its such a Hindu tradition. Nothing quite like a receiving line.

The Drive Away

Now this can be a very emotional time as Bhavin takes Bhavi away after the ceremony, leaving behind the family, friends and guests to remember the wonderful day, grab their personal items and leave as well. But this time as they drove away I was blessed to spend some quality time with Bhavi’s mum and dad talking about how wonderful it was for them to see her so happy. Every wish for a parent.

Thank you to the whole supplier team for helping me to make sure that Bhavi and Bhavin had the special day they wanted.

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