How Can an Independent Celebrant Help Bring Your Wedding Day to Life?

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Your Celebrant Wedding Ceremony Your Way

The pandemic caused many weddings to be postponed in 2020 and the next couple of years are going to be incredibly busy for wedding venues and registrars alike.

An alternative option is for couples to use the services of an Independent Celebrant. In this article we look at who an Independent Celebrant is, what they do and how they can help bring your special day to life.

What does an independent celebrant do?

An independent celebrant is a person who can oversee and officiate formal wedding ceremonies including multicultural weddings or fusion weddings as they are also known.

One of the benefits of using an independent celebrant is that if you and your partner are from different religious backgrounds you can make your ceremony as bespoke and unique as you like.

How are Independent Celebrants different from a registrar?

The registrar is allowed by law to officiate civil ceremonies where there are no religious tones, and they are also in charge of approving and processing the marriage licence. This is the legal part only.

Independent Celebrants on the other hand support the couple in having a ceremony that is personalised to them and can be any location, include religious and symbolic elements, live music and even your pets and children. This is Your Ceremony

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What about faiths, beliefs, and cultures?

The celebrant has no influence on the types of ceremony they officiate which means no matter what your faith, beliefs, or cultures an Independent Celebrant can help you create and deliver your ceremony in the way that you visioned. You can also incorporate any aspect of your religious beliefs into your ceremony.

With a registrar there are certain rules and regulations that you will need to follow such as not being able to share personalised vows, bring in any decorations or use certain music.

What about the wedding vows

With an Independent Celebrant your wedding vows can be created by yourself and can be as bespoke as you like. The Celebrant is on hand to offer any advice and guidance to ensure that you make the right decisions and the vows that you plan to read to each other are perfect and exactly what you want.

With a registrar, they will give you a choice of words to choose from and you can only use those.

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Your ceremony. Your way.

Choosing an Independent Celebrant is an important decision and one that will form a big part of your special day.

You may want to personally meet them first, or have a zoom call, to get a feel for their experience and personality as well as how they can help you make your ceremony become a long-lasting memory for you and your partner as well as your family and friends.

If you would like to know more about how I can help you create the ceremony you want, then get in touch with me here.

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