13 Memorable Marriage Proposal Ideas

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Independent Celebrant and Toastmaster Sonal Dave, shares some marriage proposal ideas that are sure to make the moment memorable.

When it comes to proposing to your partner, there are so many ways that you could do this or shouldn’t do this, and this is what makes this so confusing and challenging for people.

Does it need to be a grand gesture, does it need to be in front of lots of people, do you need to have a ring, should you have music, do I need a proposal planner to make this happen? and the list of questions is just endless.

In this Blog, I am looking forward to sharing some ideas with you that you can use when considering a marriage proposal.

marriage proposal where you met

13 Marriage Proposal Ideas

1 – The place you first met.

Maybe your “first met” story is great or the place you met has some special meaning for you both. Regardless, returning to the beginning is a great idea for a creative proposal.

2 – The place you had your first date.

If you’re wondering where to propose, head back to the place where you had your first date. The beginning is where it all began. Your first date location makes for a beautiful proposal spot.

3 – The destination of your first holiday together.

This is another popular and romantic way to propose. You could make it even more special by proposing on the beach or maybe underwater whilst diving.

marriage proposal abroad

4 – At the theatre.⁠

You probably can’t get more original than a marriage proposal in a theatre.

Theatres always have a great ambiance and are the ideal place for a date.

5 – At the museum.⁠

Most museums have beautiful grounds and are very scenic.

Marriage proposals at such places can be great if you pick the best location. It doesn’t matter if it’s an observatory with views of the entire city or a quaint lawn, you can add elements of your relationship here.

6 – In a favourite shop.⁠ ⁠

Proposing in a shop is definitely an original idea. Although not at the top of the list for some, a shop may hold a special place in your heart. It could be a coffee shop that you visit on a weekly basis.⁠

7 – At home over a romantic meal.⁠

⁠A candlelit dinner is a classic for a reason – it doesn’t get much more romantic. Cook the signature dish you know they love and play some romantic music. ⁠

8 – On a balloon ride.⁠

⁠Love will definitely be in the air if you propose on a balloon ride.⁠⁠

Drifting over incredible landscapes at sunrise or sunset creates a proposal setting you’ll never forget.⁠

marriage proposal balloon ride

9 – While stuck in a traffic jam.⁠

A completely different kind of proposal and one that will get a lot of attention but it will be an unforgettable one.

10 – Create a treasure hunt to the proposal.⁠

⁠A thoughtful treasure hunt is sure to make any proposal fun and memorable, and the more creative, the better. With a few clues hidden around in your favourite places, you can create the most sentimental and exciting day for your proposal.⁠

11 – At a bingo or quiz night.⁠

⁠What a fun way for a proposal and you can get everyone involved!⁠ Can you imagine how memorable it will be if you win Bingo and do the proposal or you propose as someone wins.

12 – On a picnic.⁠

⁠Champagne and strawberries on a summer’s day, is very romantic and if Champagne is not for you then choose a favourite drink and food for your proposal picnic.

13 – While trekking or on a mountain top.⁠

A marriage proposal on top of a mountain is one of the best ways you can propose.  After all, you are making them feel like they are on top of the world by asking them to marry you.

marriage proposal couple on mountaintop

If you have any other wedding proposal ideas, please comment and share them with me.

If you are the one proposing, be bold, be strong and be confident.

If you are the one being proposed to, how lucky are you.

It is said that people like to propose on special days because it is romantic and traditional, but remember, this is your choice and you should do what feels right for you and not the expectations of others, so go ahead and propose any day.

Congratulations to all the current and future couples.

Need some help with marriage proposal ideas, getting the words right and choosing the right music for your proposal, get in touch at sonal@sonaldave.com 

Now you are engaged and need to speak to a Wedding Celebrant, do get in touch as I would love to help you create your special day that is all about you.

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