5 Things for a Multicultural Celebrant Wedding Ceremony in a Garden

by | Mar 26, 2023 | Celebrant, Weddings

Combining both Hindu and English Cultures creating a personalised multicultural Celebrant wedding ceremony.

Last year, a number of couples asked me if they could have their multicultural Celebrant led Wedding Ceremony at home in their back garden and they were very surprised to hear that they could. Here are some of the areas we had to think about and consider for their outdoor wedding in their back garden.

So what did we have to do to create a Multicultural Celebrant Wedding Ceremony in a garden?

We first together considered what they both wanted to include in the ceremony as well as how they imagined the wedding would be. Was it rustic, boho, lots of flowers, regal, a mandap or a backdrop? Once this was understood it was easier to start to visualise what they needed from their decor team, taking into account the number of guests and seating requirements.

multicultural wedding ceremony in garden

The PA/Sound

Some couples feel that speakers and mics are not required but for those guests who may be sitting further back, any video filming or if one of the couple speak softly then the guests will not hear so it is important to have this. Also when outdoors the natural earth noises including the wind can affect people being heard, so this was booked as well.

Weather Plans

We all know that in the Uk we can not be sure what is going to happen with the weather so we had a plan B and let guests know what it was, so if they needed to bring wellies, an umbrella, a fan etc they could as well as the couple having these ready in place.

Food and Drink

When having a wedding ceremony at home in the garden, catering can sometimes not be as easy as having food at a venue. So we had a think about the menu and drinks to make it easier for them and their guests to eat as well as if any food was being prepared at their home or being warmed up they had planned for it.


When having an outdoor wedding ceremony, it is always lovely to have musicians playing for your entrance as well as when you walk back up the aisle, but you can of course have a playlist as well.


We also had to think about guest parking to ensure that they had somewhere to park that was not too far away from the house, especially if any of the family or guests were elderly or had a disability.

So yes, you can have a Multicultural Celebrant Wedding Ceremony, in your back garden but please do let the neighbours know, or maybe invite them to the celebrations.

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