A Toastmaster for any Life Events not Just for a Wedding

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You can have a Toastmaster for any Life Events not just Weddings!

It is Saturday afternoon and I start to prepare myself for my evening event.  I get my bag of goodies ready including water, sweets, notebook, pen, Ipad, medication and let’s not forget my business cards.

Once my bag is ready it is time to get my Uniform ready and get dressed.

Trousers – check
Blouse – check
Waistcoat – check
Socks – check
Boots – check
Gloves – check
Collarette – check
TailCoat – check

It is all there and ready to put on.


What kind of an Event is it today?

Now most people think that when you book a Toastmaster it must be for a wedding but for me today it is a very different event. I am the Lady Toastmaster and the voice from the heavens for The Ethnicity Awards.

I will be in a room filled with senior executives, entrepreneurs, inspirational people, celebrities, sports personalities and so many amazing people. They will be looking to me to guide them, direct them and make sure they have an amazing event. I am so excited about tonight as it is an honour to be at such a prestigious event all about Ethnicity excelling and breaking down barriers. Just what I like to do.

What is the venue for today’s Toadtmaster life event?

I arrive at the venue, check in with my point of contact and check for any changes to the events schedule. I take a walk around the beautiful venue,  De Vere Grand Connaught Rooms. I make sure I know where guests will go, where I will position myself and then do one very important activity – test the mic. This actually is very important as each one of us has a different sound and tone to our voice so it needs to be set to work for me. Once all the checks are done, I position myself ready to meet and greet guests as they arrive and direct them to the drinks reception.

Wow – if you could see just how amazing everyone looks. The Glitz and Glam is so wonderful to see. There are even Paparazzi outside waiting to catch a glimpse of a Celebrity to get the photo they want for the morning paper. How amazing to be there to see it all but also a little part of me wonders what must it be like to be watched for every move you make, your clothes, your hair and so much more. Not sure if it actually is any fun.

It’s time to get things started

Well, it is time to get the guests moved to the main dining area and there is no mic in the room. Time to get creative. A few empty Champagne bottles, a few spoons and a few waiters to help me and together we get the attention of the guests.  I introduce myself “Good Evening All and welcome to The Ethnicity Awards. My name is Sonal and I am your Lady Toastmaster for the evening. Now I am only 4ft 9 so look out for the red tailcoat or the white gloves and if you see me or my gloves, please may I request that you  listen to me. Thank you so much.”

Well, that was met with a huge round of applause and lots of guests asking to take photos with me as they have never seen a young Indian Female Toastmaster, plus one so petite.

Guests are now having dinner and its time to check everyone is ok then prepare for the awards. My role is to make sure I announce all the nominees and importantly say their names accurately. Not an easy task today.

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The Award Ceremony

It is time for the awards and I ensure the hall is silent ready to listen to the opening speakers. The host announces who will open the gold envelope to announce the winner and they make their way to the stage. It is an amazing feeling as I say each nominee’s name and see a face light up on a table where they are sitting, they are so excited to know they made it so far.  Then the winner is announced and the venue explodes with excitement, noise, clapping and cheers. Each nominee and each winner is a hope for others for the future. A chance to see that change is happening. Opportunity for us all.

The Awards are complete and its time for final thank you’s and the after-party. I take the opportunity to go and meet the guests, congratulate the winners and meet some very inspiring celebrities. It would be wrong of me not to – right!

It is time to go home and reflect on what an amazing evening it has been. What wonderful people I have met and the opportunities that have come my way as an Asian Female Toastmaster.

It really can be any kind of event where a Toastmaster can add value and gravitas. So next time you are organising an event do think about getting in touch and letting me help you.

Sarah Garrett MBE – Entrepreneur / Founder SPM Group/ British LGBTQAwards & Ethnicity Awards

Sonal was an outstanding Lady Toastmaster at the #EthnicityAwards for the ceremony. She got the evening right and was compere with Marvin Humes. She went above and beyond her role of reading the names of those shortlisted, she bounced off our award presenters, helped the ceremony run smoothly and was well prepared, and really importantly got all the names right – not an easy task. She was the star of the show. Great banter. Ethnicity Awards partner with HSBC and sponsors including Tesco, Natwest, Viacom, Lloyds Banking Group, Legal & General Investment Group and National Grid.

Toastmaster events include – Weddings, Receptions, Registry, Church, Corporate Events, Annual Dinners, Fashion Shows, Trade Shows, Award Ceremonies, Charity Events, Community Events and so many more.

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