Top 10 Must Haves For a High End Luxury Wedding

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Planning a wedding can be very complicated and as bride and groom there is so much that you need to think about. Then, to add to the mix you want a High End Luxury Wedding. How are you expected to cope whilst you carry out your daily work routine?

Hopefully, this Top 10 List of Must-Haves for a High-End Luxury Wedding will be useful.

1. Book a professional, reputable wedding planner and decide with them what you want to do yourself and then let them get on with everything else. A reputable planner will already have a list of high end suppliers.

2.Go and see a few of their suggested venues and book your venue of choice early considering your theme, numbers and ambiance you wish to create.

3.Definitely do some food tasting and book caterers that take time to listen to you and your food requirements. Always consider suggestions but it’s your event and therefore your choice of menu.

luxury wedding

4.Your choice of religious or non-religious officiant is also very important as they will take you through the ceremonies and hopefully engage your family and friends. Is it a priest, vicar or celebrant that you want?

5. Your cake is going to be magnificent but have you seen the number of styles, flavours and designs that are out there? Do your research and be clear what you want. The worst nightmare is turning up to see the cake maker and having no clue as to what you want, therefore, having no where to start the discussion.

6. The Toastmaster can add such value and gravitas to your event. Their professionalism and knowledge can only but enhance your day. From help with speeches, to announcements, to looking after your guests and of course you – it is a must.

lady toastmaster - master of ceremonies for couple at luxury wedding

7. Music is so important at your event be it for walk ins, first dance, canapés and much more. Live music adds a layer of exceptionalism to your event. Go Live

8. Flowers are always an interesting topic, as it seems more and more people are allergic especially in hay fever season, so you have to find a way to make this work. Find a supplier that can give you the colours you want to match your theme and if required any hypoallergenic options.

9. The Wedding Car can be a sports car, a luxury car, a limo or even a beatle. Again, book this in early once you are decided.

10. Ask yourself; what kind of Favours would I give at a high end luxury wedding?” Of course so much time, energy, money has gone into the rest of the event that it has to be something memorable. Try and think out of the box and make it something that guests will not have already. Do ask your wedding planner as they will definitely be able to assist.

I know that I said 10 but I just wanted to add in 1 more that can also make the day very extra special and high end. Have you guessed it yet? Of course, it is the clothes you wear on the day. Don’t get an expensive dress and £5 shoes or tiara. When you look back in years to come you just want to smile and remember that special day.

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