Wedding Planning During COVID-19

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Here’s How Roshni and Nisha are Tackling Wedding Planning During Covid 19

2020 has been a testing year so far for all of us – we’ve been quarantined at home, unable to see our friends and family, and many people have, at least temporarily, lost their jobs. One of the industries that has been hit hardest is the wedding industry. Thousands of couples all over the world have given up, changed, or postponed their wedding planning during covid-19, at least until the social distancing measures are eased.

One couple that still have all their fingers crossed are Nisha and Roshni, who have their wedding planned for August. As we see some of the most stringent lockdown measures relax in mid-May, there is still hope that their wedding may go ahead with some semblance of normality!

What did they have to say about wedding planning during covid-19?

I spoke with Nisha, a 30-something optometrist with a penchant for good cake and adrenaline-fuelled activities, and Roshni, a social worker with a passion for photography, about how they’re going about their planning with all the uncertainty.

Nisha and Roshni’s biggest worries are, of course, about whether or not their wedding will actually be able to take place! Their wedding date is late August, so they’re holding out hope, but they’re aware they may have to rearrange. Their advice to other couples is to “remember that there is life beyond the wedding,” and to re-evaluate what is important to you.

“For example, we loved our date and so waited longer than we wanted to marry in August 2020. Now that is unlikely to happen, we’re keen just to be married. We also want the celebration we imagined – with all the people and none of the worry. And if that means postponing for a year, rather than 6 months, that’s what we’ll do.”

So, if your family and friends attending your wedding is more important to you than the venue, or another aspect, and you don’t want to wait to be married. You could consider having a small ceremony outside, as that will likely be possible over the summer. Other things to consider would be live streaming your event for those who aren’t local, holding a small legal ceremony soon, and have a belated wedding with all the people you love.

Stay Organised

A key aspect of wedding planning – no matter when you’re planning your wedding for, is to stay organised. When asked what they were relying on for their planning, they said “Spreadsheets! Writing it all down in a table or virtual document we both have access to has made life much easier.”

They include all their quotes, supplier details, contracts, timetables, RSVPs, and other details inside their Spreadsheet.

Advice for Couples Starting to Plan their Wedding Now

If you’re just starting your wedding planning during covid-19 now, you’re likely thinking about the 2021 or even 2022 wedding season, so you can move forward assuming your wedding will go ahead as it would have in 2019. Roshni and Nisha’s advice is to “Start with your budget, as all of your decisions will be based on this. Also, be honest about what is important to you. For example, Rosh and I will happily fork out for great food, but neither of us is particularly into fashion.”

Take your time finding the perfect wedding venue. For Nisha and Roshni, this meant finding a venue that reflected both their personalities. “We saw about 10 venues, and the winner was the one we both walked into and said ‘Wow!’” Once they had the venue booked, they felt they could relax and move onto the fun stuff.

What Else Can Couples Do?

Another thing to do as you start wedding planning during covid-19 is to use resources like Pinterest to research what you want your wedding to look like, so you can be relatively decisive when you talk to vendors and suppliers. “This isn’t the most conventional wedding, so we wanted suppliers who embraced us as people, not just as a job. Our ceremony was a key thing to us, and was our chance to show everyone a piece of us. We’d decided early on that we didn’t want a religious ceremony, but we both consider ourselves spiritual. A celebrant was the perfect choice! In Sonal Dave, we found someone who can speak the languages of our community, understand the religious and spiritual backgrounds, and has the personality to bring life into our big moment.”

For their final piece of advice, Roshni and Nisha said, “Communicate! If you’re worried or stressed about something, chances are your partner is, too. The best way to tackle it is together.” I agree! Hopefully, Nisha and Roshni’s wedding will go ahead as planned.

If you’re looking for a Celebrant or Toastmaster for your wedding, I’d love to be a part of your special day.


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