What is a Celebrant Wedding Ceremony and Why would I want to have one?

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So let’s start with answering the question What is a Celebrant?

A Celebrant is an individual who has undertaken training to be able to conduct ceremonies from naming, weddings, renewal of vows and funerals. A Celebrant is not bound by any legalities or religion which means a Celebrant ceremony can be bespoke and completely personalised for every client.

In the UK there are 2 parts to most life events. The legal part and the ceremony.

When a baby is born, you register the birth then you have a ceremony for the baby.

When someone passes away, you register the death then you have the funeral service.

The same goes for a wedding. You have your legal marriage with a registrar and then you have a wedding ceremony.

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What does a Celebrant do at a Wedding?

A Wedding Celebrant will work with you to create your ceremony and also conduct your wedding ceremony. As this is not a legal requirement you can have the Celebrant Wedding Ceremony on a day of your choice, a venue of your choice, include whatever readings, poems or live music you would like to have. If you have pets or young children, you can even include them in the ceremony as well.

A Wedding Celebrant can offer so many unique personalised moments during your wedding ceremony. These can include symbolic ceremonies like the unity candle, handfasting, sand ceremony and so many others.

A Celebrant like me, who has an understanding and some knowledge of the Asian culture can also include a prayer or a mantra in Sanskrit. You could even include the Garland, Milni, Mangalsutra or Sindoor ceremonies. The options are many but the important part is that the ceremony is designed specifically around you both and your own unique and special personalities. It is all about the 2 of you and what you want and believe in.

You can also include a ring ceremony and personal vows which will be a choice of words that you personally put together to show each other just how much you adore, love and also know each other. The personal vows can be romantic, practical and have a little humour as well.

Some couples will choose to have a religious ceremony and those who are not so religious but more spiritual find the Celebrant wedding allows them to express who they are in a way that suits them and is unique to them. This also works well when having a multi-faith or LGBTQ wedding ceremony as your Celebrant can include details from each culture as well as your own beliefs.

Did you know that if you have a Celebrant Wedding Ceremony you can also make it special by having a forest wedding, festival style, themed wedding, (Star Wars, Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, Disney) to destination weddings and so many others, where rituals and symbolic moments can be included? The list is endless.

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How Do I find a Wedding Celebrant?

There are a number of ways to find a Wedding Celebrant and you could just start by contacting me. You can also do a Google search, check out The Celebrant Directory or look at The Association of Independent Celebrants.

What kind of things should I look out for when choosing a Celebrant? 

You should check out their website, their reviews and be able to contact them to have a chat be it face to face or a video call. Do check that they are associated with a Celebrant organisation, that they have insurance and work with a contract.

Do make sure that the Celebrant understands the type of ceremony you want and that not only can they create and conduct it but can also make both you as the couple and your guests feel part of the ceremony.

For any questions, further support or advice you can email me directly at sonal@sonaldave.com

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Sonal Dave is a Ceremonies Celebrant, Lady Toastmaster and Professional Public Speaking Expert. Speaking English, Gujarati and basic Hindi, Sonal’s services include symbolic Asian rituals, the sand ceremony and many other symbolic Indian or Western elements.

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What is a Celebrant wedding ceremony and why would I want to have one?

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