What is a Memorial Service? Can you have a Memorial Service if you are Hindu or Multifaith?

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Can you have a Memorial Service if you are Hindu or Multifaith?

I was recently approached to be a Celebrant for a funeral for a young gentleman who had passed away very unexpectedly. The family were of Hindu faith but were not religiously practising Hindu’s. But they felt that they should still follow the religious process for his funeral and cremation.

After speaking to a number of funeral directors and choosing which one to go with, they picked a Hindu priest to conduct the final rites and the funeral ceremony.

Now, it was great that the decision had been made to have a religious funeral but the younger generation in the family did not feel that they themselves really had a chance to say what they needed and wanted.

This is where a Memorial Service is the perfect choice. Let me take you through what you can include in a memorial service.

What you can include in a memorial service

We start with the welcome, and maybe an extract from a Holy Book; for Hindus that would be the Bhagavad Gita. Then the Gayatri Mantra is sung, creating a beautiful atmosphere. Then it’s time for the family and friends to share their memories. This can be a Eulogy, a reading, a poem or anecdotes remembering all the good, fun and laughter moments whilst accepting and understanding of what has happened.

hindu memorial service

How do you choose who should speak at a memorial service and for how long?

Who should speak would be family and closest friends. The timing would very much depend on how long you have booked the venue for.

Then we can have a reflection song that represents the loved one who has departed, followed by a minute silence.

Then to end, I would read a poem or share some words and finish with either their chosen music or sing live.


This is just one example of a memorial service and you can include what you want and I and the Funeral Directors will be there to support you. Just remember one thing, allow for time for the music and the people doing the readings to set up and be ready.

If you would like to consider a Memorial Service, following the loss of someone recently or during the covid pandemic, then do reach out and let me help you create a beautiful and respectful memorial service.

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