Wedding Day Roles – Who does what on your big day?

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The people who make up a great wedding day and what each wedding day role means to you.

In this article, I am looking at what each wedding day role provides. Whether it’s wedding planners, venue coordinators, catering managers, wedding DJ’s or toastmasters. Let’s discover what each can do for your big day.

What does a Wedding Planner do

Hiring a wedding planner is like providing yourself with a level of mental freedom. Wedding Planners take care of all the design, planning and management, overseeing everything. Which means you don’t have to worry. They also mediate between the bride, bridegroom and family, maintaining a level of harmony.

A good wedding planner is well connected in the industry with in-depth knowledge. They know what’s available and how far they can stretch a budget. Your planner will be there for you whenever needed, within reason. They will help to handle choosing florists and catering. Give you advice on choosing bridal wear and help plan the ceremony. Wedding planners will even make sure everyone is sticking to their schedule. Whilst ejecting uninvited guests.

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What does a Venue Coordinator do at a Wedding

The wedding planner has your best interests at heart. Whereas the venue coordinator is all about the venue. They’re responsible for all things the venue provides from catering to chairs and linen. They will make sure their catering staff and kitchen schedule matches the venue’s needs. Likely providing a list of their preferred vendors.

It’s important not to confuse a wedding venue coordinator with a wedding planner. Their jobs are quite different as the venue coordinator must put the venue first. They’re not going to be at an off-site ceremony and they may not be present throughout the event. But the venue coordinator will make sure everything to do with the venue runs as it should.

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What does a Wedding Catering Manager do

The catering manager can help you plan the menu and choose your food and drink. They will also help you to determine what tables, chairs and linen, etc, that you need. Which they will then order and arrange to set up. A wedding catering manager will also take care of your floor plan and make the necessary seating arrangements.

The catering manager should work with your wedding planner. Ensuring things are working as arranged and the schedule is being kept. The catering manager should also oversee the catering staff. As they provide for and clean up after your guests throughout the day.


What does a Wedding DJ do

It’s obvious that a DJ plays music but a wedding DJ needs to do much more. It’s important to make sure they have the right experience and equipment to cater to your needs. They should be able to provide everything from lighting to speakers. The wedding DJ needs to be there bright and early to do any sound checks and make sure everything is working.

The DJ should also work with the wedding planner and help to enforce the schedule when needed. They should be ready to help out during any issues. Whether it’s covering for late speechmakers or keeping an eye on the mood. Your wedding DJ should have it under control. They can also help you to pick out a great playlist and help make sure your guests enjoy themselves.

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What does a Toastmaster do

A good toastmaster should make the bride, bridegroom and guests feel like they are well looked after. Making sure everything runs as it should on the day. They should make the occasion special but without being an overwhelming presence.

The toastmaster will greet the bride and bridegroom as they arrive at each ceremony. They will show guests to where they need to be, even the restrooms. They’ll even make sure the mother of the bride makes it to the top table on time. They will ensure whoever is making a speech is ready and help with any last-minute nerves.

The Toastmaster has the pleasure of announcing the couple into the reception, to cut the cake and their first dance. The toastmaster is there so everything goes to plan and everybody has a memorable time for the right reasons. They add an air of gravitas to each event and can walk around and check all is as it should be, plus quickly make sure any potential issues are resolved before anyone notices.

Wedding Day Roles final Thoughts

Each wedding day role plays a part in your big day. The wedding planner provides peace of mind so you don’t need to worry about every detail. The venue coordinator makes sure everything at the venue is correct. The catering manager looks after the food and the people who serve it. The DJ sets the mood and keeps your guest entertained. While the toastmaster makes sure everybody is at the right place at the right time so they can all enjoy their day.

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