How can a Hindu Female Toastmaster help your Wedding run smoothly?

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The benefits of booking a Hindu Female Toastmaster for your Hindu wedding as numerous. I often hear couples say oh we don’t need a wedding planner, day coordinator or Toastmaster as they will sort out everything themselves and on the day the uncle’s aunties and cousins will run everything. This is possible, but there are risks to doing this as families do not tend to listen to family at weddings. This can lead to delays in the ceremony as things are randomly included that were not supposed to be included as a family member says “Apra Ma”, which literally translates to “In Ours”. Also, members of the family who need to be part of a ritual in the wedding ceremony disappear for a toilet break, or to have a smoke or find some food as they are hungry. Then there are all the additional photos as everyone wants their own photo with the couple. You really do need someone independent to manage, keep to mind, keep to what has been agreed only and deal with the family members who need a little guidance and support.

When considering a Toastmaster for your wedding day and reception, it is very important to think about which Toastmaster to book. There are many Toastmasters around, with different backgrounds, knowledge and experience. So before you book one, It is important to consider a number of areas before booking.

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How can a Hindu Female Toastmaster help your Wedding run smoothly?

The Training

It is important to ask where the Toastmaster has had their training. There is no reason why you cannot check this with the Training provider. There are a number of different associations who provide training and it is easy to check on their website or by sending an email or making a call to them to check.

The Insurance

Where a Toastmaster is professionally trained they will usually be part of an organisation. This will be an Association or a Guild. They will provide insurance to all their members and you can ask to see a copy of this. Many venues will also ask to be sent this document.

The Uniform

The uniform is mostly the same but the collarette will be different as it is linked to the Association or Guild. The shiny boots, black trousers with either a single or double stripe down the side. The waistcoat, the tailcoat and sometimes a bow tie. You will usually see a red tailcoat worn at weddings but Toastmasters do wear a Black tailcoat for Civic Events and can be asked if they will wear the black tailcoat for the reception.

how do you know which toastmaster to book, or who is the best? Did you know that you can have a female Toastmaster and that all Toastmasters are not over 60 :) Here are a few tips to help you understand which toastmaster to book

The Booking Form, Contract and Fees

A professional Toastmaster will be clear about their fees and will only work with a contract that is agreed upon in advance including the payment schedule that is signed and dated. Some Toastmasters, like myself, also have a Booking Form, as a snapshot of the booking alongside the much longer contract. This sets the right tone for the booking and everyone is clear of expectations and requirements.

The Language and Knowledge

When booking a Toastmaster, it is important that they understand the type of ceremony that you are having, the individual elements within the ceremony and if they speak the language it really is an additional bonus. Why is this important? As a Hindu female Toastmaster, when I am at a wedding or reception, as I speak Gujarati and English, I can ensure that family members who only speak Gujarati understand what is going to happen during the day, any instructions they need to follow and they also feel comfortable asking me any questions they have rather than a family member.

I hope this has been a useful glimpse into why it is beneficial to have a Toastmaster for your wedding day.

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